There are very few things in this world that I love more than women. But, man can they be hard to figure out if you don’t know where to start.

I’ve always found it interesting that as men, it’s pretty much taboo for us to talk about getting better at attracting women. Which is crazy because just about everything that we do deep down revolves around better attracting women.

The most confusing part is that it’s a restriction we place on ourselves. Somewhere along the line it became “uncool” for us to study the art of attraction and seduction. We feel emasculated at the mere thought of having to learn something that should be natural and instinctual.

I mean, what kind of man doesn’t have the natural-born ability to attract women?!

A babyback bitch that’s who!!

But let’s take a step back for a moment and look around.

There are very few men who can consistently attract high quality women into their lives. We’ve even made it a custom to idolize these types of guys in Movies and TV Shows as heroes and stars.

Think classic James Bond or Hank Moody from ‘Californication’.

These characters have larger than life personas because it’s actually become very uncommon for guys to be able to speak and seduce women at the level that they can.

But why?

What the hell happened to us??

The honest answer is, a lot. A lot has changed during the rise of human civilization that has altered the way men and women interact. What we really care about here at Kingsman Dating though, is HOW do we get that swagger back.

It starts with this, right here.

The re-education of mankind. Men just like you who are willing to step outside of what’s considered cool for dudes to do and seek the answers that they’re looking for.

Women are only a mystery to the men who don’t putĀ a real effort to understand them. It’s perfectly possible to become the kind of man who naturally attracts women without giving it a second thought. I’ve come across many of them in my days. But let me tell you, there are few and far in between.

Our mission here is to make this type of Male Education a part of the mainstream. To the point where not knowing the proper ways to get women will be the rarity and not the other way around.

And like I said, it all starts here. With you.

Guys who learn exactly what makes us as men irresistible to the opposite sex and openly passing that knowledge around to those who are ready to receive it.

Are you ready for the Kingsman Revolution?

We sure as hell are!