Social Circle Blueprint

RSD Luke’s Social Circle Blueprint

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve forgotten why you got into game in the first place. Most guys who have been studying how to attract women for an extended period of time, forge that we originally began this journey in order to improve our lifestyle. And that doesn’t mean going out every single day and night to chase women in the hopes that one day we’ll get better at that.

What we really want is to create the kind of life that effortlessly attracts quality women into our lives. It’s a simple dream really. But one that few guys actually reach because quite frankly, not nearly enough people are talking about.

Luke is actually one of the 3 dating coaches who I’ve seen actually even bring this topic up. Everyone is so involved in repping out the cold approaches that we forgot what the actual objective was. To build a kickass social circle where women are constantly involved. And in his Social Circle Blueprint, Luke breaks down how to build a network that would make some celebrities jealous.

If that sounds like the reason you got into this whole pickup and self development game, then I suggest you jump on the band wagon.